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100% Solids Epoxy Kit

Thick film floor coating system that resists chemicals and harsh traffic. This kit contains the 2-part epoxy, plus colorant (either 2 packages or 3 packages). 2-part epoxy and activator comes in clear. Can be ordered either clear or with the colorant.

Floor Coating Application Equipment

Sale of different types of squeegee, which will help push the paint on the floor poles for squeegee. Roller frames and covers used to roll the product on with 4", 9”, 18", 27", or 36". Spike shoes, acid-resistant, and standard available. Strap on to your own shoes so that you can walk in the wet paint. Gauge rakes (coating tools) for epoxy slurries and cementitious overlays.

Floor Preparation Equipment

• Shot blasters
• Scarifies
• Spiral grinders
• Hand grinders
• Vertical crack chasing equipment
• Dust shrouds for grinding and crack chasing equipment
• Dust collection systems (vacuums)
• Scrapers
• Sanders

Specialty Floor Coatings

• Solvent base and 100% solids chemically cured polyurethanes • Solvent base chemically cured epoxy
• Novolac epoxy
• Polyaspartic coatings
• Methylmethacrylate (MMA)

Safety Equipment

• Safety glasses
• Dust masks
• Respirators
• Face shields
• Gloves (canvas or rubber)
• Earplugs
• Shoe protectors
• Tyvek suits
• Fall protection harnesses
• Spray socks
• Spray hoods

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